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Saying goodbye to my dearest film team - with a short film!

As all aspiring filmmakers and all the professionals well know, for you as a director, your team and your colleagues are a great part of your works and your success. I was lucky to have found a great team for my film “Moonlit Night” in 2011, which enjoyed working with me, so most of them […]

"This right-handed dominance appeared to be written into some secret place within us. (...) A cameraman's or a director's first impulse is to move the camera to the right or ask an actor to walk from left to right, as if that were easier and a more natural path to take."
The Secret Language of Film - Jean Claude Carriere, p.33/34

Breaking the Rules #2

As Jean-Claude Carrière does not state firm rules in his philosophical book “The secret language of Film”, but rather observes tendencies, what I want to tell you about is not exactly a broken rule, but a violation of a natural habit. In the movie “Moonlit Night“, the opening scene shows YOUNG NATALIE, observing her FATHER […]

Don't show a player looking off-screen, then cut to what he sees - and pan the camera around and end up on the player.
The Five C's of Cinematography - Joseph Mascelli, p.23

Breaking the rules #1

Joseph Mascelli’s book, “The Five C’s of Cinematography”, is considered one of the most important books about cinematic technique. While reading it for my film study at the AFI Conservatory, I realized I broke a “rule” he set up in his book. Actually, it is my favourite scene in the film “Moonlit Night”, exactly because […]

A list of books recommended for film lovers

I’m not yet in Los Angeles for my film studies, but it feels like the studying has begun already. Upon attendance of the program, AFI fellows are required to read a set of film-related books. In anticipation of my move to America in a few weeks, I will feed you with a few quotes from […]

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