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Scouting for The Wise Woman in the Woods

During the first weeks of the New Year, I began  to understand the term „Cycle film“ a lot better, as during the preparing of Cycle Two, Cycle Three already began to lurk around the corner! With thesis script preparation and classes during the week it makes my mind spinning in … Cycles! Alas, getting away […]

Back to the roots – Shooting 16mm MOS

As soon as I saw the 16mm film rolls on set, I felt like I am in a time machine. Analogue film stock is becoming very rare these days because the digital workflow and 3D technology are taking over the big budget productions. At AFI, every cinematographer is expected to shoot one MOS (= ’without […]

Cycle One Pics!

Here are a few impressions from my first AFI shoot! =) “Finger Food” is about an actor, who agrees to take a waiter’s job at a director’s cocktail party to get into his audition the next day. But as the night advances, he suspects a gory price for getting into the A-list and is tested […]

"Finger Food" - A glamorous Cycle One film shoot!

This year, Halloween came with a treat for me instead of a trick: a few days before Hollows Eve, I got to shoot my Cycle One project that I had been preparing since school started in August. And the theme couldn’t be a better fit – the short film “Finger Food” is set at a […]

Crewing required – why collaboration is so important at AFI

A film is not only as good as its director – it’s as good as all the collaborators working on that film. The American Film Institute Conservatory highly supports collaboration between its fellows, but how do you make 28 highly talented, but rather self-serving directors collaborate? You make them crew on each other’s shoots! For […]

My first AFI shoot - an exercise on collaboration

“BOOTCAMP” – that’s what our first shooting excercise at AFI is called. And it deserves the name, because it feels like you are thrown in the wilderness of a film set, hunting down your favourite granola bar at the crafty table and learning how to work with a group to make it to the end […]

There is no I in TEAM ...but in AFI

Two weeks ago on Monday, I was greeted with a warm “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!” at AFI Orientation. And then we were sucked into the AFI production vortex. A good two weeks have passed and it feels like I have been here for months already, feeling like a […]

How to apply for Hollywood!

I finally arrived in Hollywood!  I’m sooo excited =) This Monday will be the beginning of my first semester at the AFI Conservatory! On that occasion, I want you to know how my application took place. Especially with personal statements, a lot of film school applicants are unsure about how to tackle the challenge and […]

Hollywood article in Munich's edition of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung"

Meanwhile, I have arrived in the US! And I was thrilled to find out that I was featuring a half-page article in the young people section of Munich’s edition of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”! Gabriella Silvestri caught me right before I left and wrote a great article based on a pleasant and detailed interview! You can […]

AFI excels in film school ranking!

Every summer, film school applicants anticipate the Hollywood Reporter’s list of the Top 25 film schools. This year, it only refers to American schools, but there were 600 online ballots considered, among them many from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It was a neck-and-neck race between the two top film schools USC […]

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