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Directing Show Reel 2019

Looking back on the last five years that taught me so much and advanced me in my craft, I would like to share my current show reel, including the award-winning shorts THE FIRST SUPPER, MY LAST RESPECTS, MOONLIT NIGHT, my historical thesis film STRINGS OF HOPE, my first short film shot on a mobile device, […]

Only for the fearless - TIED

Shooting films in the thriller and suspense genre often calls for unusual locations. Especially on a low budget, you need to be practically fearless when it comes to finding and milking these places. While scary places certainly add to the acceptance of the world the actors need to get into, the filmmaker has to remain […]

BIRTH CONTROL - My Most Memorable Awkward Prop Moments

Working in film does not only direct you to the most unusual places, it also makes you buy the most unusual things, because you need ‘props’ in your film that help the audience in believing the fictional environment that you fabricate and also gives your actors an opportunity for ‘business’ in a scene that helps […]

Looking Back – A lifetime in a nutshell

When you look back on your life so far, what are the most important moments you remember? What made you happy? What made you sad? Which moments will you think of when your time runs out? Who is going to stay on your mind forever? These existential questions are very common for writers and directors […]

Short film: Eternal Waves

In the beginning of my Directing Certificate program at UCLA Extension, I had to go back to the very basics of filmmaking. The first exercise in my course was a Black-and-White MOS film that was supposed to be a static shot, max 1 minute in length, without dialogue or music – but still had to […]