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A race against time – SHOOTOUT 48-Hour film Competition!

This year, I got picked amongst nine other contestants for the Filmmakers Alliance’s first SHOOTOUT 48-Hour competition! I sent in my portfolio and was notified a week before the shooting date with a pool of 48 three-page scripts from the writer’s collective ‘3rd Page’ to choose from. After I dug through all the material, I […]

Directing Show Reel 2016

Looking back on the last three years that were so much fun and have advanced me in the craft of film making, I would like to share my current show reel with you, including my two award-winning shorts MY LAST RESPECTS and MOONLIT NIGHT, my 4K short film ARS VIVENDI, as well as several exercise […]

Only for the fearless - TIED

Shooting films in the thriller and suspense genre often calls for unusual locations. Especially on a low budget, you need to be practically fearless when it comes to finding and milking these places. While scary places certainly add to the acceptance of the world the actors need to get into, the filmmaker has to remain […]

Looking Back – A lifetime in a nutshell

When you look back on your life so far, what are the most important moments you remember? What made you happy? What made you sad? Which moments will you think of when your time runs out? Who is going to stay on your mind forever? These existential questions are very common for writers and directors […]

My first year at AFI: A roller coaster ride

Success in Hollywood is as much about failures as it is about praises. Especially in a subjective medium like film, you never know where your path is going to take you: up or down. It is important that you never let yourself be knocked down, no matter what happens. Because if you stay true to […]

"Finger Food" - A glamorous Cycle One film shoot!

This year, Halloween came with a treat for me instead of a trick: a few days before Hollows Eve, I got to shoot my Cycle One project that I had been preparing since school started in August. And the theme couldn’t be a better fit – the short film “Finger Food” is set at a […]

How to apply for Hollywood!

I finally arrived in Hollywood!  I’m sooo excited =) This Monday will be the beginning of my first semester at the AFI Conservatory! On that occasion, I want you to know how my application took place. Especially with personal statements, a lot of film school applicants are unsure about how to tackle the challenge and […]