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"This right-handed dominance appeared to be written into some secret place within us. (...) A cameraman's or a director's first impulse is to move the camera to the right or ask an actor to walk from left to right, as if that were easier and a more natural path to take."
The Secret Language of Film - Jean Claude Carriere, p.33/34

Breaking the Rules #2

As Jean-Claude Carrière does not state firm rules in his philosophical book “The secret language of Film”, but rather observes tendencies, what I want to tell you about is not exactly a broken rule, but a violation of a natural habit. In the movie “Moonlit Night“, the opening scene shows YOUNG NATALIE, observing her FATHER […]

Don't show a player looking off-screen, then cut to what he sees - and pan the camera around and end up on the player.
The Five C's of Cinematography - Joseph Mascelli, p.23

Breaking the rules #1

Joseph Mascelli’s book, “The Five C’s of Cinematography”, is considered one of the most important books about cinematic technique. While reading it for my film study at the AFI Conservatory, I realized I broke a “rule” he set up in his book. Actually, it is my favourite scene in the film “Moonlit Night”, exactly because […]