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My first AFI shoot - an exercise on collaboration

“BOOTCAMP” – that’s what our first shooting excercise at AFI is called. And it deserves the name, because it feels like you are thrown in the wilderness of a film set, hunting down your favourite granola bar at the crafty table and learning how to work with a group to make it to the end […]

There is no I in TEAM ...but in AFI

Two weeks ago on Monday, I was greeted with a warm “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!” at AFI Orientation. And then we were sucked into the AFI production vortex. A good two weeks have passed and it feels like I have been here for months already, feeling like a […]

How to apply for Hollywood!

I finally arrived in Hollywood!  I’m sooo excited =) This Monday will be the beginning of my first semester at the AFI Conservatory! On that occasion, I want you to know how my application took place. Especially with personal statements, a lot of film school applicants are unsure about how to tackle the challenge and […]

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