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Directing Show Reel 2019

Looking back on the last five years that taught me so much and advanced me in my craft, I would like to share my current show reel, including the award-winning shorts THE FIRST SUPPER, MY LAST RESPECTS, MOONLIT NIGHT, my historical thesis film STRINGS OF HOPE, my first short film shot on a mobile device, […]

Back to the Roots – Thoughts from Germany

Exactly one year ago, I started my journey not just to the United States, but to my career as a filmmaker. Moving to Los Angeles to attend the American Film Institute Conservatory was a dream come true and a new chapter of my life. After I had been rejected by funding institutions and film schools […]

My first year at AFI: A roller coaster ride

Success in Hollywood is as much about failures as it is about praises. Especially in a subjective medium like film, you never know where your path is going to take you: up or down. It is important that you never let yourself be knocked down, no matter what happens. Because if you stay true to […]

Cycle Three Pics!

I want to give a glance behind the scenes of our epic shoot of the victorian period piece film “The Fox and The Crow” that we shot at AFI and in the Los Angeles Heritage Museum Square! In “The Fox and The Crow”, a flamboyant thief tries to steal a gentleman’s Turner painting by pretending […]

“The Fox and The Crow” – Period Piece De La Creme

One of the great things about film is that you can create ANYTHING you ever dreamed of! You can even travel back in time and imagine what it would have been like to live there. Endless story opportunities! For Cycle Three, my third and last film of the first year, I wanted to take the […]

Cycle Two Pics!

As I am not allowed to show the short film because it is an internal school exercise, I want to give you a glance behind the scenes of shooting “Lives of Bones” on the AFI soundstage and in Griffith Park! In “Lives of Bones, traumatized Carolyn is dropped of on the porch of Miss Netty, […]

"The Lives of Bones" - Story as the backbone of a team effort

Shooting “The Lives of Bones”, my second Cycle film at the AFI Conservatory, was a particularly inspiring experience for me because of its spiritual content. Carolyn, a traumatized pregnant woman, is sent to Miss Netty, an old lady in the woods, to overcome her fear of violence and death in helping Netty with reassembling the […]

Cycle One Pics!

Here are a few impressions from my first AFI shoot! =) “Finger Food” is about an actor, who agrees to take a waiter’s job at a director’s cocktail party to get into his audition the next day. But as the night advances, he suspects a gory price for getting into the A-list and is tested […]

"Finger Food" - A glamorous Cycle One film shoot!

This year, Halloween came with a treat for me instead of a trick: a few days before Hollows Eve, I got to shoot my Cycle One project that I had been preparing since school started in August. And the theme couldn’t be a better fit – the short film “Finger Food” is set at a […]

Crewing required – why collaboration is so important at AFI

A film is not only as good as its director – it’s as good as all the collaborators working on that film. The American Film Institute Conservatory highly supports collaboration between its fellows, but how do you make 28 highly talented, but rather self-serving directors collaborate? You make them crew on each other’s shoots! For […]

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