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Saying goodbye to my dearest film team - with a short film!

As all aspiring filmmakers and all the professionals well know, for you as a director, your team and your colleagues are a great part of your works and your success. I was lucky to have found a great team for my film “Moonlit Night” in 2011, which enjoyed working with me, so most of them signed up immediately for a new project just a few weeks short of my departure to the U.S. Remember folks, a motivated and harmonic team is the best thing you can get to have a pleasant and drama-free shooting!

For that reason, I organized a small “friends & family” premiere (I count my film team to the “family” part), which was meant to be a huge “thank you” to all the people who inspired me, foremost my friends and family. Never underestimate the comments or input coming from your friends when you tell them a story that has been circling your mind for quite some time at a bar after midnight! You can trust them and they will be absolutely honest – what else could you want?

I want to seize the opportunity to thank my German folks again for their support during the last ten years (!) and hope that they continue being there for me in every circumstance =) Information about the movie will come as soon as we hit festival circuit!!

Pic credit (lefto to right): Eva (middle) with insanely talented DoP Eugen Gritschneder and fabulous composer Sami Hammi. I will miss you, guys!!

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  1. Keine Sorge – wenn du mit dem AFI fertig bist und ein Budget zusammengetragen hast, kannst du die beiden einfliegen lassen – da wird der Atlantik dann keine grosse Rolle mehr spielen 😉