Directing Show Reel 2019

Looking back on the last five years that taught me so much and advanced me in my craft, I would like to share my current show reel, including the award-winning shorts THE FIRST SUPPER, MY LAST RESPECTS, MOONLIT NIGHT, my historical thesis film STRINGS OF HOPE, my first short film shot on a mobile device, […]

STRINGS OF HOPE – A piece of history

With my thesis film STRINGS OF HOPE, I took on a nearly impossible challenge. A story based on true events and deeply rooted in German culture and history, I would be walking on a very thin line. But the story of the puppeteer Walter Oehmichen was just too good not to tell. Ironically, an American […]

My last respects – Filmmaking gone personal

In the summmer of 2013, before I set out to move to Los Angeles and attend the American Film Institute, I wanted to say goodbye to my friends and family with shooting and screening a very special short film. Generally speaking, you go about this in many ways, but most likely, you do it in […]

A race against time – SHOOTOUT 48-Hour film Competition!

This year, I got picked amongst nine other contestants for the Filmmakers Alliance’s first SHOOTOUT 48-Hour competition! I sent in my portfolio and was notified a week before the shooting date with a pool of 48 three-page scripts from the writer’s collective ‘3rd Page’ to choose from. After I dug through all the material, I […]

A festival report - Miami edition

When the notification came, that the film MY LAST REPECTS was going to be screened at the Miami Short Film Festival, I was overjoyed. I had almost given up hope that it would ever be screened, after so many festival submissions in Germany and the US. And now it should finally get his premiere! MY […]


The artistic short film ARS VIVENDI was shot for a 4K Mobile Challenge, sponsored by Qualcomm and the San Diego Film Festival. We made it to the final three films that were taken into the official selection of the San Diego Film Festival in 2015!

Only for the fearless - TIED

Shooting films in the thriller and suspense genre often calls for unusual locations. Especially on a low budget, you need to be practically fearless when it comes to finding and milking these places. While scary places certainly add to the acceptance of the world the actors need to get into, the filmmaker has to remain […]

BIRTH CONTROL - My Most Memorable Awkward Prop Moments

Working in film does not only direct you to the most unusual places, it also makes you buy the most unusual things, because you need ‘props’ in your film that help the audience in believing the fictional environment that you fabricate and also gives your actors an opportunity for ‘business’ in a scene that helps […]

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